Your fundraising agency.



From the Seed to the Serie B, we raise funds for startups with private investors: VCs, Family Offices, Corporate ventures, Business Angels, etc.


Whatever the stage of development of your company, we can help you with non-dilutive fundings such as: public fundings (i.e. ENISA, BPI), bank loans, grants, etc.

Don't know what your company needs? Schedule a call and we'll discuss your options.

There's no one-size-fits all, all our services are custome-made ✂️


We dig deep into your startups by organising workshops (10h+) to figure out: your ambition, your product, your market and go-to-market, strategy and equity story.

Once we've digested all this informations we build an amazing deck (20-30 slides) and an easy to understand business plan (over 3+ years) and finally a beautiful teaser that will make investors drool over. 

We reach out a looooot of relevant investors, and make you pitch to the shortlisted ones.

We take care of the day-to-day relationship with investors so you can ease your mind and focus on your core business. From the 1st contact until the money is in your bank account.

Fundraising is stressful, that's no news! We're here to assist you during the whole process 💯

* In addition to fundraising with VCs, we also provide non-dilutive financial help (i.e. public loans, grants, bank loans).

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We have worked with Bloomr for our first fundraising round and they created a very easy to use business plan from A to Z which helped us confirm our different hypothesis. We are already thinking about doing a video with them for our next round!

Alizée Doumerc, Co-Founder

Business Plan + Fundraising strategy

I've worked with Bloomr as I was setting up my startup. They helped me with the strategy keeping in mind what would be asked by investors the day I want to raise funds. I'll definitely contract them again for my first round of investments.

Nicolas Simon - Co-Founder

Fundraising strategy

Bloomr team has helped us set up a fundraising strategy for our seed round and has advised us on which investors to contact and when. They've been very reassuring during the negotiation process. Good news: the fundraising was successful!

Vincent Folny - Co-Founder

Fundraising strategy

  I had the pleasure to work with Bloomr regarding 2 R&D projects with the French Public Investment Bank. Florian and Alice played an important role in terms of strategic coaching for the full BP and had a real impact on long-term advisory. I definitely recommend their approach and services for finance and strategy needs. 

Kévin Markowski - CEO

Deck + Business Plan + Public funding

I was in desperate need of a professional business plan to raise money. I already had a BP, but Bloomr turned an ugly duckling into a work of art. The sophistication of the BP is amazing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bloomr. I recommend them to anyone who is in need of this kind of services, it's money well spent!

Sebastien Marion, CEO

Deck + Business Plan

Deck + Business Plan + Strategic consulting

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